Re: [Evolution] Evolution .10 and Mh

We would actually like not to have mh support at all for that matter.

But it probably will be setup to behave as with maildir (as it does
now), and 'use at your own risk' attached to any use of it, since it
really is not a good mail solution.

On 23 May 2001 21:07:32 +0500, Dan Winship wrote:
You can select MH as the storage type for a local folder (by using the
Folder -> Properties menu item in the File menu), but you can't
currently configure evolution to look at your existing MH folders.

There will be support for using mbox files in /var/spool/mail, or
Maildir folders outside of ~/evolution/local in a future version of
evolution, but I'm not sure about MH folders: there's no way to lock
them to allow safe concurrent access by both MH and evolution.

-- Dan

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