Re: [Evolution] Sharing with KDE address book

On 13 Jun 2001 15:40:07 +0300, Ilya Konstantinov wrote:
Dear Evolution team,

I was wondering about sharing the address book between the KDE Address
Book and Evolution. Would be nice if for once, two open source
applications would share such simple generic data rather than trying to
import from one another and "steal userbase". Too bad the easier
'import' way is choosen too often nowadays.

Yeah, I agree.  This would be nice.  I don't think it's likely to happen
unfortunately.  We require a separate executable called wombat to do
live updating and such.  We also use a database format to make updating

I don't know if the K folks would be interested in wombat as it is uses
glib and gtk+, but if they're interested that would be pretty cool.  One
of the things that are pretty cool is that it uses CORBA so that KDE's
stuff could communicate with the wombat without linking to any G
technologies.  An alternative implementation of the wombat could even be
written using K technologies if they wanted to.

If you'd like to explore writing a back end to wombat that accesses
KDE's addressbook, that might be interesting.  One thing that might be
difficult about it is that wombat and KDE's addressbook could get out of
sync and not inform each other about changes.

I would be interested to see what possibilities you might be able to
come up with.  Would you be willing to explore what formats KDE's
addressbook uses?


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