Re: [Evolution] Color with IMAP

On 13 Jun 2001 05:57:36 -0400, Christopher James Lahey wrote:
On 13 Jun 2001 11:03:59 +0200, Xavier Bestel wrote:
 - I can't assign colors to mails. I would like to know if it's really
impossible with IMAP folders, or if it's just me.

You might be able to get the behavior you want by applying filters
manually.  There's a menu item for it under Actions.

Yes, that did it, but an automatic filter would be better.

What would be cool is to have a special class of per-server filters,
"IMAP filters", which would be stored somewhere on the IMAP server
(special mail, or special folder), which would be recognized by Evo
only. These filters would enable mails to be colored, perhaps moved into
subfolders, automatically.
Because I doubt pressing "Ctrl-A Ctrl-Y" on a 10000 mails IMAP folder
each time I receive mail would be practical.


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