Re: [Evolution] to button crash

On 12 Jun 2001 10:12:55 +0800, Ted Targosz wrote:
I'm using the latest snapshot (0.10.99-snap.ximian.200106080800)
, RH7.1, and Helix Gnome 1.4 (all uptodate) and I must say, evolution
continues to improve nicely.  But I wanted to report that with this
snapshot, its been hanging on me when I try to add to the recepient list
via the "To:" button in the compose window. 

The dialog box pops up empty and evolution hangs at that point.

Otherwise, the contacts db seems to be working fine (unlike the recent
past), all my contacts are visible and I can add recepients by typing a
few characters in the "to" field... i just can't use the "To:" button.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I've had the same problem since the last round of snapshot updates
through red-carpet. This is on RH 6.2 with ximian gnome 1.4.


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