[Evolution] My Control Center's File Types Handling busted! Why?

There seems to already be a bug in Bugzilla about this.
Is anyone going to work on it?


I am running the latest stuff for Redhat 6.2 from red-carpet,
plus Evolution/GAL/GTKHtml/Bonobo from CVS HEAD.

When I receive a Realaudio attachment, it always shows up as
something like:

        unknown type attachment (2001060821433500448019.ra),

In the Control Center's Document Handlers --> File Types
and Programs section, I defined:

        MIME Type:  audio/vnd.rn-realaudio
        Extension:  .rxml, .ram, .ra
        Default Action:  Realaudio

In the Default Action definition area, Realudio shows up
with the following characteristics:

        Application Name: Realaudio
        Application Command: /usr/bin/X11/realplay
        Can open from URI is enabled.

One interesting note, when I fire up the Control Center,
Realaudio Default Action is ALWAYS listed as "none".  In fact,
the are NO Default Actions that are anything but "none".
In order to get Realaudio to show up as the Default Action,
I have to start the Control Center and then select the 
Realaudio entry and then Toggle the Default Action
radio button to "Use Viewer" and then back to "Realaudio"
(which was ALREADY enabled)!  Now, if I click OK to close
the "File Types and Programs" interface and then reopen
it by clicking on the entry again, guess what?, the Realaudio
entry has reverted to "none".  Drat, drat, drat.

Needless to say, Evolution doesn't know what to do with
Realaudio attachments.


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