Re: [Evolution] Palm Pilot support

dear sterling,

at the moment the only way is to compile it yourself,
because you need some packages required to compile
from cvs (pilot-link, gnome-pilot). i think you need
not to be a geek to compile it. if you take a look at
the readme's there is no problem i think ;-) .

i got it compiled, and can sync the todos and
calendar, but i can't sync my contacts...

ok, i think you should try it (you only need some
coffee and a lot of time... ;-) ) if you have some
questions, ask the list...

--- Sterling Anderson <sterling sterlinganderson net>
schrieb: > 
Any ideas when Palm support might be thrown into a
I know there are instructions to compile it but I'm
not brave enough to
attempt it yet. I would LOVE to try to get my Palm
contacts into
Evolution though!

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