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Rubbin -  Ah, now i understand what your doing. I looked over this option
also, but to do so, yes, you would need a domainname for your ip address
(since most isp's added a filter recently?).  Also, I would have a small
security risk with an open pop port for which i would have to monitor to
prevent spammers from using my computer as a 'bot' or a medium for spam.

So, in essence, yes this would work from what i reviewed in the past
couple of months.  One set-back, I do not have a domain name which would
cost around $5-20 per year or so.  Other smaller problem is that i'm set
to move from here & you would also have to have a static ip-address
(preferable) from a dial-up provider (lol - kinda hard to find one of
these around here.  most do dhcp/dynamic addressing.)

I think most linux users do way in the benefits of doing this when they
can as it can be highly effective when doing massive amounts of emailing.

Another benefit of this, is you can 'quene' all your email to be sent at
once instead of waiting each time your email is sent.  This idea i like
very much since satellite isps like to lock-up the services each time you
send (& of which, takes a long time).

Although i hate to guess, there is a remote chance that starband may have their servers (their email servers) 
set to filter
this kind of activity, as you stated.

Thanx for your feedback.  It's been well noted here :)

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