Re: [Evolution] Visual Notification of Mail

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From: "Sterling Anderson" <sterling sterlinganderson net>

There are panel applets that offer that functionality.

Would these applets be able to go into the Evo mail folder/mailbox that the
mail has been filtered into? Aren't most of them either POP oriented, or one
specific mbox file oriented?

Example - I have a POP account. I set Evo to automatically get mail every 10
minutes. It gets it, and filters into it's proper mail folder/mailbox
Don't most of the applets check for new mail in a POP mailbox? What happens
if a mail comes in AFTER the applet checks; then Evo picks it up; and when
the applet goes to look in the POP mailbox, it will say no new mail. Which
is false, obviously.

What would be nice would be for Evo to indicate that there is new mail -
regardless of which mail folder/mailbox it's been filtered into. Yes, I
realize that would mean either a new applet, specifically written to check
Evo mail folders/mailboxes, or new functionality added to Evo itself.

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