Re: [Evolution] Mandrake 8 and evolution

I have it running under Mandrake 8.0. No snapshots, though.

Apparently, you have to unlink /etc/mandrake-release
from redhat-release and create /etc/redhat-release 
with the words "Red Hat Linux release 7.1" in it.

That's all I had to do, I think.


On 02 Jun 2001 14:10:18 +0100, mark wrote:
    Ive just downloaded and installing mandrake 8 on my girlfriend pc
    and wanted to really know if anyone has got evolution 0.10 working
    for it (as it comes with 0.9) and as i am using 0.10 on rh 7.1 and
    am extremely please with it, i really would prefer to run evo 0.10
    on her Mankrake box.
    Or would it be best to get hold of the evolution-0.10.src.rpm for LM
    7.2 and rebuild it for LM 8?

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