[Evolution] Reply behaviour has changed ?


I have two pop accounts, one xxx wanadoo fr, the other one
xxx ens uvsq fr, and the alias yusei sden org forwards to
xxx ens uvsq fr  I want to reply according to the "To" header:

Sent to xxx wanadoo fr -> Reply from yusei sden org
Sent to yusei sden org -> Reply from yusei sden org
Sent to xxx ens uvsq fr -> Reply from xxx ens uvsq fr

This way, my address is yusei sden org, which I can redirect to any
account I want, and I still can use the last account separately. I
configured Evolution this way:

Reception from wanadoo.fr, reply address is yusei sden org
Reception from ens.uvsq.fr, reply address is xxx ens uvsq fr

Until recently it worked well, and I suppose that Evolution looked and
the "To" header, and used the account having the same email address. But
now it seems that it looks and the source account, and my 'hack' doesn't
work anymore.
The first behaviour seems usefull, so maybe it could become an option ?
I tried to get it back using filters but didn't find how.

Note that I can still change the reply address using the combo list, but
I have to do this for most emails.


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