Re: [Evolution] How do I delete a folder?

On 01 Jun 2001 08:45:30 -0500, Patrick Allmond wrote:
How do I delete a new mail folder I created ? Drag and drop does no it ,
nor does the delete key, nor does any menu option.

You currently can't but should be able to pretty soon. I had started
writing the code earlier in the week. I think Jason will be finishing

Also: Can I set a a rule basd on who a mail is to ? I have evolution
checking 3 different mailboxes and I'd like them to end up in three
different inboxes.

Yes, in the filter editor you should be able to filter on "Recipients"
and add your email address there, or, if Jon is finished adding
filter-on-source, then you could filter based on which POP account you
got your mail from.


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