Re: [Evolution] My Evolution - name/title itself

Here, Here, to no My!

I've wanted to write that since I first saw My Evolution.  Perhaps
Windoze users have an identity crises and need to be told what is
theirs.  I'm also not keen on Exectutive (I'm a carpenter, not a CEO)
Chuck's suggestions below sound good to me. Or at least allow it to be

I have to say I also agree with Evo's looking and working pretty good.



On 19 Jul 2001 12:39:22 -0700, Ben FrantzDale wrote:
On 19 Jul 2001 11:39:18 -0500, Charles R. Tersteeg wrote:
I really like the new snapshot!

however, I don't like "My Evolution" - I don't like windows or My
Computer or My Desktop or My Favorites - My My My ...

I'd have to agree. I can't stand My This and My That. ``My Evolution''
isn't even descriptive. (I can't guess what a literal interpritation of
My Evolution would be... hmmm...) ``Executive-Summary'' on the other
hand, is quite descriptive, as are Charles' suggestions below.


I would suggest "Evolution Today" or "Evolution Summary" as my 2 cents

Thank you for your time,

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