Re: [Evolution] Address Book

On 10 Jul 2001 09:59:54 -0400, Michael Leone wrote:
all the options to add or edit contacts are greyed out. If I try to add
a contact through the composer window nothing happens. So I am assuming
this means that it is not yet finished.

Ah. No, this means that the contacts are not working for you. The contacts
themselves DO work - you don't need to have a v1.0 in order for some part of
the code to work - just not for you. I'd suspect a db version conflict,

ok...this sucks for me then :( any ideas where I can start?

When is v1.0 expected?

Actually, that's not too bad of a question. Evo was originally slated to go
v1.0 before the end of last year. While I'd rather have it RIGHT than ON
TIME, *is* there a timeframe? We're past the middle point of this year
already. Does Evo have a milestone order, the way Mozilla does? As in "Evo
will go v1.0 when <THIS LAST FEATURE> is implemented".

I know that there are many companies who will not use any software that is
still listed as "beta" (actually, Evo is still "pre-beta", isn't it?) on any
production system. Doesn't matter how stable the claims are; they go by
"official releases".

I could care less about what the release status is as long as it works
when I need it too. I personally hate having to give time frames, I was
just looking for an around about figure. Like soon, or not for a while,
something like that :)

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