Re: [Evolution] I feel like a novice

I thought about gal, and then i checked "gnome-config --modversion
gal" and it returned gal-0.8

you know, if mutt weren't so hairy, i wouldn't mind :)


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On 6 Jul 2001, Peter Williams wrote:

On 06 Jul 2001 11:57:40 -0400, lehi wrote:
Hey everybody.  I upgraded to Slackware 8.0 (still not sure if that was
the BEST idea, but I'm sticking with it) and I'm having problems
compiling evo.  

Your autoconf error is truly weird -- I have no idea what could be
causing this. Verify your installation of the autotools and gettext, I
guess -- maybe they are old versions?

As for your compile error, you need a newer GAL. If you're compiling CVS
evolution, you'll need CVS gal. ** I think ** Evolution 0.10 needs GAL


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