Re: [Evolution] Attachment problem

If it is an html attachment then the problem is known and we are working
on it, otherwise I'm not sure what is wrong.  The problem is caused by a
resize loop in gtkhtml, hopefully it will be fixed soon.


On 31 Jan 2001 12:14:26 -0800, Mark Dailey wrote:
I have a copy of an email that when clicked on in evo snapshot(1/27/00)
sends evolution into sloooow mode. The preview window displays the non
attachment part of the email, but doesn't give me the normal attchment
icon at the bottom. Once I have clicked on this email, evolution
practically dies taking 15-30 second to do any action. It will still
open other emails, etc. However the preview window is frozen on the bad

The offending email was almost certainly formated under outlook, and
probably violates the rfc in 27 different ways. None the less...

I will be happy to send to specific source if anyone interested.

With all it's quirkiness for being a pre-released product, evolution is
rapidly becoming the hottest email client I have ever had the pleasure
of using. Thanks one and all to an outstanding development team.

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