Re: [Evolution] Crash in camel_service_get_url

Thanks, I'll have a look.


On 29 Jan 2001 16:48:11 +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
For about the last week I have been getting a crash in
camel_service_get_url (backtrace attached). It has been happening in
both the evo snapshots and in CVS version I have built myself. The
problem is still there in 0.8+cvs.2001. which is the latest
available for Debian. 

I have 2 mail sources defined (both mbox) one in /var/mail/ijc and the
other /home/ijc/mail/evolution-mail. I filter mailing list stuff into
evolution-mail with procmail and then have filters in evo to split the
mails into different lists etc.

The problem only occurs when there is mail in /var/mail/ijc, which could
also mean that the problem is due to mail being put in my evo inbox
(since all the evolution-mail folder will be filtered elsewhere). I
suspect the filtering code, since I removed my configuration and the
problem returned when I re-entered my evo filters.

Any ideas?


Ian Campbell
Churchill College, Cambridge.

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