Re: [Evolution] permisions

Because we can't build packages with movemail support because we don't
know where your movemail program lives.

And all you need to do is give your user write provs to /var/spool/mail


On 25 Jan 2001 02:19:55 -0500, Andrew Cowie wrote:
Uh, forgive me, but why would evolution have to be rebuilt with a
compile time option enabled? (I'm using the pre-built nightly snapshot,
by the wayi, not building from scratch)

Isn't a standard mbox (ie /var/spool/mail) one of Evolution's primary
sources of incoming mail? If so, why wouldn't whatever support is
necessary be included all ready?



On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

You don't actually want to setgid evolution, if you wanted to work
around the problem that way then you'd want to setgid evolution-mail.
But the BEST way to solve this problem is to build with movemail


On 24 Jan 2001 23:46:03 -0500, Andrew Cowie wrote:

I took a deep breath (and made a backup) and pointed Evolution at my
primary user mbox, /var/spool/mail/andrew

When I asked Evolution to "Get Mail", it complained of a permision
problem, being "Could not create lock file for /var/spool/mail/andrew
Permission Denied"

This made sense at first becuase I thought I needed to go and make
/usr/bin/evolution chgrp mail and setgid (just like the other mail
clients on my system). [Debian packager at Ximian - you might want to
note that]

But that didn't help - I've still got the same error. And no debug
output is sent to the terminal I run evo from. 

Any ideas? This has been going on for a couple days now. Running the
.deb snapshot apt'd from 


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