Re: [Evolution] critical bug in mail collection from system mailbox (2001012305)

Anoncvs is several days behind, wait till tomorrow and get a snapshot.

It's fixed in cvs bug it has not yet propogated to anoncvs servers...


On 24 Jan 2001 01:35:34 -0500, Fernando Pereira wrote:
On 23 Jan 2001 23:02:07 -0500, Fernando Pereira wrote:
When new mail arrives to /var/spool/mail/... and I request "Get Mail", a
progress dialog pops up, and hangs indefinitely saying something like
"Getting message 0 (4 of file)", although there's jsut one test message
in the inbox. The following error is shown in the console

updating inbox too

camel-CRITICAL **: file camel-folder.c: line 1229 (camel_folder_thaw):
assertion `folder->priv->frozen != 0' failed.

If I press "OK" in the dialog, it goes away, but the incoming message is
gone from the system mailbox and not in by Evolution Inbox. Yikes, how I
can I revert back to 021, which worked fine?
I can't find it anywhere in spidermonkey.

I've also downloaded and rebuilt from the latest anon CVS, and I still
get this problem with the main Inbox. For messages filtered into other
folders, I get the problem reported by others that the folder view
appears empty, and requires leaving Evo and returning to see the correct

Has 20010121 been saved somewhere? It was working well for me except for
a few workable-around composition issues, and I'd rather not lose
mail... Unfortunately, I didn't save it because I used  Ximian Update,
rather than downloading rpms manually, for which I always save the
previous versions.

-- F

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