Re: [Evolution] Updates of Vfolders

Actually I wasn't that clear, so let me rephrase it:

How about setting vfolder to update each time you select the vfolder
(including when you are in it), and then adding an option to *manually*
refresh the folder.  The refresh button could go in a number of places.
On the toolbar, in the context menus, and of course it's already
refreshes when you select the vfolder.

Being able to manually refresh the folder while you are in it would
allow you to update the view if more mail has been downloaded, or if you
wan't to flush read messages from a vfolder that contains unread

It might even be worth having an option dialog for this where users can
select times to automatically update vfolders.  Options could include:

every time you enter the folder (defaults to true)
every time you select the folder (defaults to true)   ##These are
different and the second might only be an option if the first is true
every time you download new messages (defaults to false???)
every time you change your vfolder rules

This way people could really config it to how they want it to work, but
at the same time you would start with a well behaved vfolder setup.


I'm happy with everything you've suggested above.  My only comment
before was that it might be reasonable to also have one other option
which is to refresh the contents of the vfolder each time you change the
status of a message.
So, for example, if you remove the important mark on a message in a
vfolder which requires the important mark for message inclusiong, then
that message disappears from the contents of the vfolder right then.
See Jan Moren's message about how the contents might still show in the
message content window like they do now for expunged messages.

Sounds great.  And by using an option dialog, people can have it work
the way they want, and still have a sensible default behavior.


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