Re: [Evolution] Daily Snapshots

On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 11:05:56AM -0500, Dan Winship wrote to To Ross Burton:
:-) > Yesterday I ran Helix Update to get a snapshot of Evolution on my
:-) > machine, I just ran it again this morning and it says that there are no
:-) > updates.  What time are the builds done?
:-) They're not being run automatically yet--there are still some problems
:-) with the build system that need to be worked out. The packaging team
:-) just started doing them by hand most days to show their love. :)

First off, thanks for the daily snapshots, and thanks for working on the

Second, regarding todays (20010116) snapshot RPM.  

Again, system is RH7.0, updates added.

Composer window bombs, like someone else mentioned.

Executive summary does not show any services.

I cannot select any folder which is not mailrelated, besides execsumm.
Clicking them does nothing.



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