Re [Evolution] oaf errors, starting evolution


Jean-Philippe Tardif,  wrote:

I also use debain unstable.  I never had the problem you mention, but I
don't actually use the same library as you.  First, Bonobo 0.31 is out
on sid, and you should try using liboaf0, which you
can find on Eazel site.  Unfortunately, bonobo 0.31 needs that and I had
some problem installing it cause there was a bug with deselect...  I
installed liboaf by hand, and all the rest with dselect, and everything
is fine now.

I'm not from Ximian, but I'm pretty sure that is ok.  If the last
version of liboaf fuck things up, than just reinstall the 0.6.1-3 by
hand and than you'll be like you were.  I think liboaf is just needed
for Evolution, so it's no big deal to play a little bit with it.

Hope that gonna help you.

Jean-Philippe Tardif

sorry, i was unable to find liboaf0, can you give me the
address ?


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