Re: Re[2]: [Evolution] evolution hangs at start on some folders

I've observed exactly the same problem. But it can also happen to
folders created by Evolution itself, when Evolution crashes or freezes

Observed that today, yes. But I think that the freeze is the conseguence
of the folder problem, not the cause.

I created a new empty folder. Then I created a filter rule
to move messages from a certain sender to that folder, and applied the
filters to my inbox. At that point, Evolution froze. After killev, I
looked at the folder's mbox. It contained the messages that it should.
It was readable by Balsa and Emacs VM. But it caused Evolution to hang
at the splash screen, as I could prove by moving the folder away and
restarting. This behavior is consistent with your explanation. However,
the offending messages had been in my Inbox without causing any problem.
So, the problem is unlikely to be in Evolution's parsing of the messages
themselves, but it some expectation it has about their headers or
contents relative to their position in a folder or some other data.

It seems you're right, my evolution mailing list folder makes evolution to
hang :-).

Anybody can help me to trace or debug this? evolution starts too fast to attach an strace to the right 
process, when I attach strace to the main mail process the only output I obtain is:

--> strace -p 2197
write(22, "\300\276\20\10\1\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\200\207\n\10\340\276\20"..., 28 <unfinished ...>

and the process has _always_ the same size:

--> ps aux | grep evol
adellam   2183  0.0  0.0 10176    0 ?        SW   15:36   0:00 [evolution-execu]adellam   2189  0.0  0.0 
10804    0 ?        SW   15:36   0:00 [evolution-calen]adellam   2205  0.0  0.0  9928    0 ?        SW   
15:36   0:00 [evolution-addre]adellam   2212  0.0  0.0 11292   52 ?        S    15:36   0:00 [evolution-mail]
adellam   2213  0.0  0.0 11292   52 ?        S    15:36   0:00 [evolution-mail]
adellam   2197  0.0  0.0 11292   52 ?        S    15:36   0:00 [evolution-mail]

-- F

Did you put this ^H at the end of the message? I saw it only now while editing
with vi.


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