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At 10:27 27-02-01 +0100, Thomas Vollmer wrote:
On Sunday, 25. February 2001 21:34, Kolbjorn Bekkelund wrote:
> Just to tell you that I had the same problem as a couple of others here
> regarding the composer window. It would'nt turn up at all. I'm using a
> pre-compiled Evolution 0.8 from cvs .2001. The gtkhtml-part
> is from the gnome 1.4 beta rpm's. What I had to do to make the composer
> window appear was this:
> 1. remove the gtkhtml-0.8.3 rpm's
> 2. Compile gtkhtml-0.8.2 (the one I had) with these: --prefix=/usr
> --with-bonobo
> Then it worked like a charm  :-)

The "--with-bonobo" switch was the solution too.


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