Re: [Evolution] Editing bug in compose To: fields

I get this as well. Also when I i'm writing an email it automatically
adds a line break for me. In some cases I don't want the line break
there. I can probably read the code and turn this off myself but I
figured someone else might need to turn it off; I don't know though
maybe I'm just being picky =) 

-Christopher Warner

On 26 Feb 2001 05:27:30 +0000, dan hensley att net wrote:
There's some pretty strange behavior with editing in the
To:, CC:, etc. fields.  If I type an e-mail address, then
either use the mouse or arrow keys to move the cursor to
anywhere in the midle of the field, I can either add or
delete a single character.  After that the cursor
immediately jumps to the end of the line.

I'm using anoncvs from yesterday.


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