Re: [Evolution] Various issues w/ Evolution

On 24 Feb 2001 04:27:17 +1030, Not Zed wrote:
Since you didn't say what version you're using so this reply might not
make total sense.

Oops, sorry.  The title bar shows "Evolution 0.8
[+cvs.2001.]", but when I wrote the previous message, it was
the snapshot from January 30th or so.  Red-carpet's dishing out an old

On 23 Feb 2001 09:56:49 -0700, Brian Lalor wrote:
1. Folder message counts not getting updated properly
    I don't know how the new message counts get updated when the mail
store's IMAP, but it seems to me that they're not being updated as
quickly as they should be.

"quickly as they should be" makes little sense with a remote store,
things dont happen instantly.

Anyway I believe the behaviour of this is better right now (i have no
problems wiht it).

My connection is particularly slow;  I do see the latency issues more, I

2. When I delete a message that's being viewed in the preview pane and
then expunge the folder, the message stays in the preview pane.

This is probably fixed too.

Yep; sorry for the old bug report.

3. how do I get rid of the "--" that's put in before my .sig?

You generally dont want to, as its a visual indicator and used by some
mailers to detect sigs.

Let's say for the sake of argument that I really do; will that be an
option?  I've already got a row of dashes for my .sig and have for a
number of years.

4.  How do I get rid of the formatting toolbar in the composer window?
I don't compose HTML email, and I can't seem to get rid of the toolbar
and my composed messages are not appearing to be plain text.

Dont think you can.

Will that be an option in the future?

11. Reply/Reply to All doesn't work properly; I've got a message where
Reply-To, Sender and To are all SV650-L lists hawkgt com and the From is
user isp com   When I hit Reply, a message comes up with SV650-L     in
the To; when I hit Reply to All, SV650-L     comes up in both the To and
CC fields.  user isp com never shows up in a recipient field.

Sender is used in preference to From for replying to mail.

Understand, but this brings up the old Reply-To in mailing lists issue.
What's the right way to do it?



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