Re: [Evolution] Snapshots?

On 22 Feb 2001 11:27:52 -0600, Sejal Patel wrote:
> On 22 Feb 2001 07:57:38 -0600, Harrison, James wrote:
> > Just wondering what's up with the snaps? I took the risk and ran Red
> Carpet
> > knowing that it woul break the composer. However, I'm not seeing any
> > snapshots today and now I'm resorting back to Citrix'n in to an
> Exchange
> > client :~(. Is there something broken on my side or is this a common
> > problem.
> The only thing you need to do to get evolution back up and running is to
> grab gtkhtml from the cvs and use it (I would suggest making a debian or
> rpm package out of it). It will allow you to use evolution again. I
> have the RedHat 7.0 SRPM and i668 RPM already so if anyone needs those
> until the evolution snapshots are up and running again you can grab them
> at but remember that I am not setup so it may
> be slow (around 30k/sec).
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Thanks Sejal your rpms allowed me to use evo to send this.

James Harrison, CCNA

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