[Evolution] anoncvs server problems

I am sending this email to you as your IP address is one of three returned
by an nslookup on the domain anoncvs.gnome.org

I track a number of projects using anoncvs. The principal one in
evolution. I am getting increasingly annoyed by the fact that at least one
of the anoncvs servers is regularly out of date. When I do a cvs update, I
expect that my version of the software will update, not regress. It is a
lottery as to whether a cvs update command will give me a newer or an
older version of the software source, and invariably I have to do a number
of cvs updates before I hit a server that has the latest version.

I am sure you will know or can find out whether it is your server that is
so often out of date. If your server is the offending one, would you
please consider either keeping it in sync with the official server or
ceasing to be an anoncvs server. Basically, if you can't do it properly,
don't do it at all.

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