Re: [Evolution] GPG support

On 19 Feb 2001 11:56:41 +0000, Ross Burton wrote:

We have a need to send encrypted emails via Evolution but have several
1) there is no easy way of importing keys from messages.  Actually, it
is impossible - Evo MIMEs the text message so "=" comes out as "=3D"
which gpg can't parse - breaks totally.  How about sending 7-bit
non-MIME text?

In order to sign a message that contains 8-bit chars, we need to qp (or
base64) encode the message body because some mail transports will do
their own encoding on the message body if it doesn't support 8-bit
tarnsport which will break the signature verification for the recipient
of your message.

I don't see where or how gpg would extract the keys from this anyway?

2) when we try to encrypt a message the composer logs "EEEEEEEEEEEKKK"
and evolution-mail dies.

I'm going to look into this.

What is the timeline for fixing these bugs?

GPG is not a super high priority for 0.9.


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