Re: [Evolution] Pilot sync?

On 19 Feb 2001 00:53:11 -0800, Richard Zach wrote:

Aaron Weber:
 > It should be working now.

Ettore Perazzoli:
 > The distribution people are working on getting Pilot support into the
 > snapshot.

Could you clarify?  Should there be pilot support in the current 
If not, is it working but just not included in the snapshots, or just not
working yet? What's the ETA ?  When it will be included in the
snapshots, should I just find the conduit capplets in the Gnome CC
or will I have to do something special?

Pilot support needs to be added to the snapshots. Until recently, we
weren't able to do this because there was no reasonable way to get cvs
snapshot packages of pilot-link into our build system. This is possible
now, though, and we should have them in soon.


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