Re: [Evolution] Send mail problem

On 15 Feb 2001 12:50:37 -0500, DAVID A. DELBIONDO wrote:
I have installed Evolution 0.8 on a RedHat 7 workstation.  I can receive pop
mail but cannot send.  My ISP requires a password to send mail.  When I select
"test", Evolution confirms a good connection.  But when I attempt to send mail,
it does not ask for my password and I receive "Authentication Failed".  Is there
a way to enter or send my password.  I have other mail clients running properly.

If it requires "POP-before-SMTP" authentication, that will be
supportedly more natively soon, but one way to get it to work is to just
click "Get Mail" in the main window before sending a message.

If it actually uses SMTP authentication, that will also be supported
eventually, but I don't know when.

-- Dan

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