[Evolution] FYI, Nautilus Snapshot + Evolution Snapshot HOWTO

Hello All,
For those of you dying to have both Nautilus hourly snaps and Evolution daily snaps on your system, here is what to do: (BTW, I've only done this with Red Hat 7.1 Beta, Fisher)
<proceed at your own risk>
Create a couple of directories to store the files in. I created /home/garrett/Eazel_Preview, /home/garrett/Eazel_Snaps, and /home/garrett/Evo_Snaps. Also back up your evolution directory!
You then have to download the RPM's for Nautilus Preview Release 3 into the Eazel_Preview directory
After that you need to do the same for Nautilus hourly snapshots (including the mozilla files and if on Red Hat 7.x the bz2 file).
IMPORTANT--> For the Evolution snapshots, download ONLY evolution, gal, gal-devel, libgal, gtkhtml, and gtkhtml-devel. These should work fine with the other programs installed by Nautilus.
Once you have all the RPMs then log out of GNOME and X. At the command line su to root, run the killev command, and the oaf-slay command. Also remove the orbit temp files from the /tmp directory. Then go into the Eazel_Preview directory and install those using the rpm command. I had to --force --nodep to get everything installed. I have these programs running on test systems and on my backed-up workstation, so I can corrupt data and libraries to my heart's content, though I've yet to have any trouble.
After doing the Preview, do the same to the Eazel_Snaps and in the Evo_Snaps ONLY install gal, gal-devel, gtkhtml, gtkhtml-devel, libgal, and evolution. (note, these are the only files not shared by both programs....)
Then, restart X and once in GNOME, start Nautilus. It will automatically start the Nautilus desktop. I put the nautilus command in the Startup Programs under the GNOME control center, with a priority of 25. If the priority is set to too low of a number, i.e. 1 or 5 then Nautilus starts before GMC and you get a lot of crap in you taskbar not to mention overlapping icons on your desktop.
Some of you might be thinking, "Why install Nautilus Preview 3 first?". Good question, and I don't have an answer except to say that it seemed like a good call, so that there is a base to install the snapshots from. ???? It works, so I'm stick'in with that method. I've now loaded 3 machines this way, all on Red Hat 7.1 Beta. Every morning the first thing I do when I arrive at work is to go through all this on my main test system, run Evolution and make sure it's not broken in any way that would hamper my work, then I do all this on my workstation. Remember, You've Been Warned, this may not work!!!! One other thing, RPM 4.0.2 that comes with Nautilus PR3 causes Ximian GNOME Update to not be able to install updates. When I run Update, in dumps all the files into /var/cache/helix-install. Once the installer crashes, I go into that directory and install with the rpm command.

For those of you who pull this off, enjoy!

Garrett Mickelson  
Garrett Mickelson Linux Systems Engineer
415.358.2600 www.penguincomputing.com

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