[Evolution] A little wierdness

  I'm using the Feb 7 snapshot.  I had the following things happen.

In mail filters I had chosen to add a couple of filters, then closed the
dialog.  I re-opened it to edit one of them and it crashed the entire

I had started a reply to a person without fully setting up the smtp
portion (that part is unrelated.)  After I set up the smtp I still
couldn't send the message.  I copied the text to the clipboard using
mouse and menus.  I closed the message and started a new one.  I then
tried to paste the text in and there was nothing to paste.  This
happened to me before when I had started a message to a mailing list and
realized that I had not chosen "reply to all."  I copied that message
text to the clipboard, closed the first message, hit "reply to all," and
tried to paste to find that there was nothing there.  This one's
definitely a bug.


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