[Evolution] Yay! New snapshots, thus bug reports

Cool - new snapshots are up!

More bug reports:
* there is zero feedback that I have clicked on a URL.  Howabout doing
something to indicate I clicked on it, even if the feedback that a
program is running is left to xalf (that's the plan in gnome-libs isn't
* in Tasks, clicking the New Task button on the toolbar does nothing
* the File -> New View menu item has a "new task" icon
* vFolders cannot be "refreshed".  I have a vFolder which shows all
messages marked important. If I switch off the important flag, even if I
move to another folder, expunge etc all messages still show.
* Should be able to rename icons in the shortcut bar
* the version number seems confused... is this 0.8 or 0.9?
* in the executive summary, there is no difference in the icons for a
service which can be configured and one which can't.  How about removing
the configure button for services which cannot be configured?
* when I compose a message in plain text mode, the default style is
"Normal", not "pre".  Either use one or the other, as my signature is is
pre and the body text in normal.
* actually, put everything in "normal". Text wrapping doesn't happen in
pre and that makes writing email a pain!

It's getting better, I like it!
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