[Evolution] Importing evolution addressbooks?

I am trying to import an evolution addressbook from another machine to
the evolution folders on my home machine.  I tried just sticking the
addressbook.db into evolution/local/Contacts/, but this doesn't seem to
work.  When I run evolution, there are no contacts listed, and when I
try to save a new contact (into the copied addressbook.db file), wombat
dies on me.  Is there anyway to do this now?  (I imagine this is
functionality that will be there for 1.0)  My home machine is RH6.2 +
Ximian Gnome, the other is RH7.0 + Ximian.  (My other option is to stick
the evolution folder onto an afs volume and share it between the two

Thanks --


Troy Carter
tcarter princeton edu

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