Re: [Evolution] Latest Evo RH 6.2 snapshot loses contacts?

This might have to do with libdb issues, I can't say for sure though. I
noticed the other day that gal was being packaged linking to db3 when I
have db2 installed on my rh6.2 box. I'll send an email to the packaging
people in a minute.


On 10 Feb 2001 16:43:04 -0500, Michael Leone wrote:
After upgarding to the latest RH 6.2 RPM snapshots (2001., I
seem to have lost all my contacts. The file addressbook.db is still in
the ~/evolution/local/Contacts firectory, and still is the same size as
before the upgrade. But Evo now shows no contacts.

I tried importing the contacts from a saved backup, but it said it
didn't understand the db format.

Any body? I REALLY don't wanna lose all those contacts.

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