[Evolution] Reaching a known ground state

In a previous msg I detailed the errors I get when trying to import
contacts.  Although I still cannot import the contacts, I wish to pose a
more general question, namely how to achieve a known ``ground'' state.

I understand that one could re-install from a known distribution, in
my case readhat 7.0.  But this seems too extreme.

I had thought that re-installing gnome via go-gnome, removing
~/evolution and then re-installing evolution from ximian-update, would
be enough.  But it is not.  I still get

  Importing with: OAFIID:GNOME_Evolution_Addressbook_GnomeCard_Importer

  Evolution-Importer-WARNING **: Could not start OAFIID:GNOME_Evolution_Addressbook_GnomeCard_Importer.

  Evolution-Importer-CRITICAL **: file evolution-importer-client.c: line 178 
(evolution_importer_client_load_file): assertion `client != NULL' failed.

As I said, fixing my particular problem is no big deal in the grand
scheme of things.  I can easily survive until 1.0.  But I would think
that having a defined ground state would be helpful for the
developers, which is after all the most important purpose of the
snapshots and preview releases.

If the solution is ``wait until magic carpet, which is `real soon
now''', that is fine.  I just want to suggest that there should be
some given procedure so that we can all do a reset when needed.

thanks again for evolution,

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