[Evolution] bonobo don't compile

hi folks

i'm pretty sucked with compiling evolution and it's dependencies. i use all
the latast packages, avalable ob helixcodes websites. and when i start to
configure and install libxml at the end of compilation it tells me, "no such
file xmllib.sol in directory" even if it is there" and it's the same with
the following packages, but that's for now the only error. when compiling
bonobo it completely interrupts with an error of missing any oaf-*** even if
i just compiled and installed it previousely. i tried to keep exactly to the
installation instructions of a german linuxmagazine (go!linux) which
unfortunately couldn't be contacted - just to tell you - i want to install
it not where it automatically would be installed but in seperate folders (i
also added the export path in the necesarry files) to uninstall it easier
i would appreciate some help - if someone knows where's the mistake, i can
send him some more precise details about the errors or where i added eport
paths etc.

thanx in advance
markus unterguggenberger

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