[Evolution] More details on previously reported Message-Id corruption

First of all, many, many thanks for getting the snapshots back on track.
Getting rid of the composer bugs is wonderful.

However, another problem that I reported a while ago seems to be still
present. Maybe this additional information will help. I sent the
attached message to myself via remote servers. If you look at the
Message-Id, you will see that it is not well-formed, because Evo has
decided to "format" the long id. This causes eventual problems with mbox
parsing, which seem most to consist of warnings like

camel-WARNING **: Missing closing '>' on message id:
<20010205165731 RQZ20293 femail9 sdc1 sfba home com cc441660-b union1 nj h   ome.com>  <p05010407b6a48f948b59 
[192 168 1 10]>   <20010206034159 UGZL20293 femail9 sdc1 sfba home com cc441660-b union1 nj    home.com>  
<p05010401b6a5416a23ed [192 168 1 10]>

but have resulted in (rare) crashes.

This is definitely an Evo problem. The second attachment is what
procmail cloned from my incoming mail spool, and it looks right.

One more thing: if this mailing list is the wrong place for detailed bug
reports, please let me know where they should go.


-- F

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The composer problems seem to be gone!

-- F

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