Re: [Evolution] CALL FOR SPONSORSHIP: The Open Group Ware Project

I do think seeing beyond just server - anbd looking at it as a
multi-server / multi-client / total interoperability thing would be

As is starting to get to be the norm, I agree completely.

Hopefully we will have a list + website for all this by monday.

The registration is in place, but the DNS propagation will take a day or
I should have the mailing list discuss ogsproject org up tonight (again
DNS issues will keep it from working for most people).
I will start work on the website tomorrow morning and will at least have
some basic information in place.

IMHO, OGS 0.1 might consist of:
        * draft Level1 requirements doc
        * draft Level1 client side API doc [1]
        * any amount of existing source code towards these goals

Sounds resonable.

Level1 - essentials
Level2 - stuff above level1 like replication, etc.

Might change a bit after Level1 is getting worked on, but it sounds at
least ball park.

[1] Is it just me or does anybody else think that your desktop, your
browser and your office app (like say when doing mail merge or
whatever) should all talk the same api so it all actually works?

OK, lets not get crazy! ;-)


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