Re: [Evolution] View --> Hide Deleted Messages broke?


Sorry if I came over sounding a bit gruff.  That wasn't my intention.

It just sounded like you were new to the list, and the developers (of
which I'mnot one - I just use it) get sick of people saying, "It doesn't
work like a bought one) so I thought I'd respond (politely I'd hoped)
and fill you in.


Rodd Clarkson

On 08 Feb 2001 09:41:42 -0600, Ben Ricker wrote:
On 08 Feb 2001 17:10:11 +1100, Rodd Clarkson wrote:
On 07 Feb 2001 14:41:50 -0600, Ben Ricker wrote:

'Right' is a relative staement, I know. I guess my point would be that
all of the other mail clients that I have used (Outlook, Outlook
Express, Eudora, Entourage for Mac, Netscape Messenger) all toggle it
globally, that is, once you set it, it filters ALL messages until
untoggled. I am not sure of the reasoning behind making it a filter that
applies on a per-use basis. However, it is an "unconventional" use of
hiding deleted messages. For me, this is not a deal breaker or anything.
Just my opinion....

The one thing all these email clients you mention have that still eludes
evolution is a stable version ;-]

And Evolution is already fantastic without having reached stable, but
like any developing piece of software, it's a work in progress.  As a
result, and you'll only notice this if you use it for a while, things
just keep getting better.

I am fully aware of the software development process and my original
message had this one piece of constructive criticism along with a
paragraph of praise: Evolution is one of the sleekest pieces of
workstation software I have ever seen on Linux. Nothing compares to it.

I also attepmted to use Evolution months previously but it was VERY
unstable. Now, I use it as my main email client (with a nightly backup
to be on the safe side). You've come a long way, baby!

But look on the bright side.  You are getting the opportunity to see
software get developed, and you can try it out (and even contribute) if
you so wish.  You wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to do that with
any of the other email clients you listed above.  What's more.  The
poeple who develop evo (and plenty of others) are all eating their
'dogfood' so you know when it finally gets released, it won't just have
all the features you want, it will work, and well.

In short, you'll get your conventional delete, but there's a few other
things that need doing first.

No problems on my end. I guess I should maybe lurk more to see where the
development is at; I saw a behavior that I thought could be improved and
was offering my opinion of it. If the developers have it on their plate,
then I will shut up now! *grin*

Ben Ricker
Senior Systems Administrator
US-Rx, Inc.

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