[Evolution] (no subject)

(bugreport, wishlist: Evo won't let me enter text into the subject.)

I'm using the Debian snapshot of evolution from 02/04. Looks pretty
good. I'm noticing at least one bug: the typing cursor now seems to be
able to show up in more than one field in the Composer. This is at best
confusing, and at worst my text gets entered into the wrong field. It's
also why this message has no subject.

A few wishlist items:

- I want to click on a message in the index and be able to take
addresses from it into the address book--- much like pine will do. "Add
Sender to Address Book" in the popup menu might even be okay, though I
think something more full-featured would be better.

- I want to be able to set my reply-to dynamically in the composer, as
well as other message headers. Again, I'm used to the way pine will let
me "see all headers". 


Shane R. Landrum + srl ainnovations com + Software/Systems Engineer
------------------ www.ainnovations.com ----- Anansi Innovations --

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