[Evolution] Addressbook view while choosing names from Composer

I guess this is a feature request. Or perhaps an explanation; I dunno.

Anyway ... in my CONTACTS, I set up a contact ("Mr. Dan Schwartz"). I
told it to file it as "Schwartz, Dan". If I'm viewing the CONTACTS, this
is the way it shows up.

Aside - the only CONTACTS view I can seem to get is an address card
view; clicking on "VIEW -> AS TABLE" does nothing; the view changes in
no way. Using Evo Preview 8, on Mandrake 7.2.

However, when I go to COMPOSE a message, and click on the TO: button,
the addressbook comes up. However, the contacts are all listed in the
form of as MR. DAN SCHWARTZ (and not SCHWARTZ, DAN, as I asked it to be
filed as). And since the default size of the addressbook window is so
small, all I really see is "MR. DAN ..". 


Is it possible to make the addressbook show the names as they are
supposed to be filed as?
Is it possible to make the addressbook remember the size of it's window?
Currently, it does not - if you change the size of the addressbook
window, it is not saved. The next time the addressbook comes up, it's
back to it's almost-too-small-to-be-useful size.

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