Re: [Evolution] Congrats

Thanks! We love hearing this kind of good news :-)


On 02 Feb 2001 13:55:23 -0600, Bill Piety wrote:
Wow! Finally got around to updating all libs for the latest Nautilus and
thought I'd take a peek at (what I expected to be) conflicts were I to
install Evo rpm's. I'm running Mandrake 7.1 with Ximian Gnome, by the way,
and am trying to maintain an rpm-(nearly)only system. Evo politely requested
2 add'l pkgs then opened with nary a whimper. The feature updates & changes
are pretty amazing. No filling up my logs with error messages or crashes (at
least as of yet). The features I'd been hoping to see are there (cept
getting rid of the whole 'expunge' idea). Drag n drop to the shortcut bar,
number of unread msgs, etc. Great job, all, from a convert.

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