[Evolution] Vfolders


I've just upgraded to Evolution 0.8 from 0.6.  I must say, I'm pretty
impressed with how far this
software has progressed.  I've run into a little problem with the
vfolder filters.
When I originally tested the vfolder filter with 0.8, it seems to work
without problem.
Now that I've created 20 vfolder filters, but nothing is being filtered.
If a select all
my message (90 or so) in the inbox and then apply the filter, nothing

Is there currently a limit on how many vfolders I can have?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Ryan Lubke

Ryan Lubke (Ryan Lubke east sun com)
Phone: 781-442-2408 Fax: 781-442-1520
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
One Network Drive - Burlington, MA 01803-UBUR01-202

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