Re: [Evolution] LDAP..

I'm not an expert on this, but I have tried to get it working in my
environment.  It doesn't work very well...(I still have to type in the
entire email address before it will resolve)... but it does work.
The trick is to edit the ~/evolution/config.xmldb but you must exit evo
and do an oaf-slay first to make sure that nothing is touching that
file.  Then add something like this -

<section path="/Addressbook/Completion">
  <entry name="uri" type="string" value="ldap://ldaphost:389/ou=<your ou
or perhaps it's a dc>,o=<your o unless its a dc>,c=US?mail?one"/>

There are more skilled people here that may reiterate this or expand on
it.  This is what I did, basically though.

On Tue, 2001-12-18 at 16:08, Mike Wronski wrote:
When composing mail, why doesnt evolution attempt to search configured
LDAP dirs for matching names like it does for the local addressbook?

Also if the "To:" or "CC:" button is clicked and the LDAP dir chosen,
evolution loads the entire directory before allowing any search criteria
to be entered.  With a large directory, this is a real pain.  It should
show nothing until some search is performed unless requested to load the
whole thing.. I am new to evoltion, is there a way around this?


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