[Evolution] bug in "next unread message" ?

hi all,

maybe this is a bug, or I dont understand the behaviour...

when I have a folder with read and unread mails (all visible),
I can read one of the unread emails by clicking on it (of course).
when I want to read the next unread message, I type "N".

when I at first did not clicked on the first unread message, then
search wraps around when typing "N" and the last unread message had
been reached.

the (maybe) wrong behaviour is the wrap-around: when the very first
message in the folder is an unread message, the wrap-around does not
work properly - it jumps to the SECOND unread message in the folder.
to go to the first of these messages, I have to type "P".

-stefan palme-

Dipl. Inf. (FH) Stefan Palme

email: kleiner77 gmx net
phon:  +49 341 3910484
fax:   +49 1212 517956219

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