Re: [Evolution] Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync

An eaiser fix is to just remove the .ev-summary file in the folder, that
way you dont lose your messages at least.

It happens because it tried to re-fresh the summary to match the folder,
but after doing that, it still didn't make sense.  i.e. it tried to load
a message from a specific spot in the file, but the message wasn't
there.  The summary is like an index of the mailbox contents, which
includes a 'summary' of each message (like subject, etc), as well as
(for mbox files) a pointer to the start of the message inside the mbox. 
The error is basically when that pointer doesn't match the file.

Is there anything that happens to start it happening?  Like running out
of disk or something like that?  There's a long-outstanding bug for this
one, but i haven't a clue how to fix it.

Theoretically it should only happen if the mailbox is modified by
another client *while* evolution has the mailbox locked and does
processing on it.  Or perhaps if you run out of disk space.  It should
alos automatically repair itself when it can, but obviuosly this isn't
happening either.

Thanks. This is very helpful. The problem actually hasn't happened in
awhile. I've got 1.0 running now as well, so I'll hope that it's somehow
disppeared for good. 

The folders shouldn't be open by any other applications. I use procmail
to filter my mail into stand ~/mail/ folders which are all symlinked to

I need to do it this way so I have pine read out of ~/mail/ and access
my mail remotely from a terminal. 

But the two mail clients are never running simultaneously. 

Anyway, I'll pay more attention to how it happens should it happen again
and keep you posted. 

Thanks for the info. 

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