Re: [Evolution] [OT] moving exchange mailbox contents to an imap server

On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 13:52, Michael Rothwell wrote:

I'm tired of having to put Exchange in the Iron Lung and recover mail,
especially now that my boss (an accountant) has more or less made my job
dependent on the performance of Exchange (it went down one day before I
got in the office, but after the Uber-Boss was in and trying to send
email -- sh*t rolls downhill, and I got a 'verbal warning', sigh). I
would like to move all of our exchange mailboxes to an imap server.
Outlook does not allow IMAP and Exchange/MAPI to be used at the same
time, the only idea I have at the moment is to create personal folders
for everyone, copy all of their email into it, switch Outlook to use
IMAP, and upload all of the mail to the imap server. I don't like this
solution, because it will involve sitting at each person's desktop.

And imap-to-imap solution seems like it would be nicer for the mail move
-- just copy all messages from one imap server (exchange) to another
(running on RedHat).

Has anyone else out there faced this type of problem, and have any
experiences to share?

Sorry for the OT post. :)

if you're planning on storing the mailboxes on linux in mbox format then
I would suggest fetchmail

just get everyone's passwords or change them, or whatever, and suck all
the mail over, quickly.

then take down the exchange box.



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