Re: [Evolution] Evolution Bug Day, Take 2

I am using the 0820 snap here.

One small problem: I deleted your original message from this thread (the
one with the appointment attached) and expunged it already.  Could you
send it again off-list (via email)?  I will then try your suggestion.

Totally off-topic, I find it really annoying that expunging a folder
also expunges the deleted messages from the trash folder (what is the
point of the trash folder, then!?).

On Wed, 2001-08-22 at 16:07, JP Rosevear wrote:
On Wed, 2001-08-22 at 18:17, Eric Lambart wrote:
That certainly works a lot better (I actually have a Calendar entry)...
but the time zone stuff still seems a little weird.  In my daily
calendar view it correctly shows 6AM-6PM as the allocated time (I am on
Los Angeles... ahem... I mean, Northern California time).

But if I open the event, the Appointment Window that pops up is a little
weird, time-wise.  It shows the appt. starting at 6:00 AM (no time zone
but when I click the tz-selection button it shows America/Los_Angeles),
but ending at 9:00 PM with "America/New_York" shown between the time and
the tz-selection button.

Can you provide the evolution version you are using and see if you can
delete that appointment and reproduce the problem as we can't reproduce
it on this end.


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