Re: [Evolution] Could not create composer window

I upgraded to the latest bonobo release from Mandrake Cooker yesterday
(1.0.8 I think) and got the same problem - downgrading to 1.0.7 fixed it
for me.

Good Luck

On Wed, 2001-08-22 at 01:37, Dan Hensley wrote:
Now I'm afflicted with this incredibly annoying problem.  For the last 2
days I've been unable to compose or reply to e-mails.  I've done the usual
checking of .oaf* files, killev, oaf-slay, etc., but nothing has fixed the
problem.  One thing I've noticed is that in gnomecc I have an HTML Viewer
entry under one called "MISSINGNAME".  Is there any correlation?  What else
can I try to fix this.  I've recompiled/reinstalled several times, and I'm
getting very frustrated.


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